Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yosemite with jordan (day 3)

Day three of our trip to Yosemite, we hiked to lower Yosemite falls and took some nice photos of our outfits. Also we went to the Yosemite valley museum and played around in the forts. It was a cool day yet there was no snow so we were able to have more fun without getting soaked.


Tan cable turtle neck long-sleeved sweater- Thrifted

Light blue high-waisted denim jeans- Thrifted

White converse with bee embroidery- Thrifted

Light blue denim jacket- Thrifted

Rainbow knitted fingerless gloves- Gift


Red wool beret- Vintage

Light blue wool long coat- Vintage

Light grey cashmere long-sleeved sweater- Anthropologie

Black plaid pleated tea length skirt- Vintage

Tan cable knit sweater tights- Target

Brown and cream pointed toe leather saddle shoes- Ebay

Gold and blue floral round pin- Vintage (magnolia and willow)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Yosemite with jordan (Day 2)

Day two of yosemite it snowed in the valley and we had fun taking photos of the fresh fallen snow. Since it snowed it wasn't a very productive day because we couldn't bike on the slushy ground without falling, so we just staying in a near by coffee shop where we had fun people watching.


Cream and brown sweater- Mom's

Light blue denim jeans- Thrifted

Tan hiking boots- Mom's


Light blue wool coat- Vintage

Yellow wool tie sweater- Vintage

Orange plaid wool cigarette pants- Vintage

Grey wool socks- Smart wool

Black pointed toe loafers- Forever 21

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sister vintage shopping

I went shopping with my sister to find some vintage accessories for prom at this cool vintage store I love. They have this really cool mural with in walking distance from the store so i decided to take a few pics of my spring ootd.

White cat-eye sunglasses- Crap eyewear

Yellow and grey stripped playsuit- Vintage

White pearl handbag- Etsy (Poppycock Vintage)

White ankle socks- Target

White and silver silk kitten loafers- Vintage

Friday, April 10, 2015

Yosemite with jordan (day 1)

Jordan came with me to Yosemite for spring break and we had fun taking photos and exploring Wawona on the way up to valley. This is day one of the trip and there will be more adventures to come.


Red beret- mine (vintage)

Black long-sleeved top- thrifted

Blue oversized levis denim jacket- thrifted 

Black and gold leather belt- thrifted

Gold long charm necklace- thrifted

Plaid wool long skirt- mine (vintage)

Black heeled booties- forever 21


Gold and blue brooch- vintage

Orange peacock printed silk scarf- vintage

Black turtle neck sweater- vintage

Orange tea-length full skirt- vintage

Black tulle petticoat- mom's

Cream sweater tights- target

Black lace-up booties- vintage

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Allyson came home

My best friend Allyson finally came home to Cali for spring break so we went of for food at great vegan restaurant and went exploring in a nursery. We took some pictures at the nursery of our outfits around the blooming spring greenery. You can check Allyson's new blog at http://haychen.blogspot.com .


Pink tie dye tank top- Urban Outfitters

Polka dot cream blouse- BCBG

Distressed high waisted jeans- Forever 21

Black studded belt- Mom's

Gun metal beaded sandals- Sam Edelman


Blue red and white striped collar shift dress- Vintage (Ay Que Vintage)

White pearl necklace- Vintage

Black pillbox hat- Vintage

Cream polka dot mesh socks- Free People

Black pointed toe loafers- Forever 21