Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ready for summer

I t was super hot over the weekend so I decided to put my new bathing suit to use and go in the pool. Since i was sunny out i needed to bring my favorite sunnies at the moment. This bathing suit fits me like a glove and i love how it covers my whole butt which most bathing suit that I own don't so i am never comfortable in. This is the first bathing suit i feel confident in after a girl in 5th grade called me fat when i was in a two piece, it is hard to like myself in bathing suits but unique vintage hit the jackpot to boosting my confidence and i thank you for that. (PS: Those aren't kinky scratches on my chest they are scratches from my new bunny charlie.)

Yellow, white and blue polka dotted ruffled bowed high-waisted bathing suit - Unique vintage

Matte white cat eye sunglasses- Crap eyewear

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